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Welcome to Creative Hub, your gateway to innovative ventures brought to life by The Wizards. Explore a world where creativity meets strategic vision, and where promising startups emerge to redefine industries.

App Development

Your ideas, our expertise. Our mobile app development services turn your visions into reality, creating user-friendly, innovative mobile applications.

 Website Development

From intuitive websites to robust e-commerce solutions, our WordPress and WooCommerce development services ensure a seamless online experience.

Brand Creation

Unlock your brand’s potential with our comprehensive brand creation services, tailored to make a lasting impression in the market.

Business Event Organization

Bring your events to life with our meticulous event planning and organization services, designed for a seamless and impactful experience.


Empower your team with our training programs, designed to enhance skills and keep your workforce at the forefront of industry trends.

Digital Marketing

Our expert team crafts data-driven digital marketing strategies to elevate your brand’s online presence and drive meaningful results.

Let’s Turn Ideas Into Results

The Wizards, formerly Magical Media Solutions, has evolved into Creative Hub—a testament to our commitment to project incubation. With official certifications and a rich portfolio, we’ve served diverse clients across the globe.

Featured Work

ERG Hotels

Saudi Arabia

Brand creation, Digital identity and website design and development

Hamasat Gruop


Multi-Language online store 

The Sphinx Website

The Sphinx Shop


Brand creation, Digital identity and online shop design and development

Maro Lingo Website

Maro Lingo


Brand creation, Digital identity and website design and development


Smart Strategy, Strong Results

The Wizards a distinguished Egyptian Limited Liability Company with a legacy dating back to 2011. Originally known as Magical Media Solutions, we’ve embarked on a transformative journey, evolving our brand to signify our strategic shift towards project incubation. Our services encompass a diverse range, including Digital Marketing, Brand Creation, WordPress and WooCommerce Website Development, Mobile App Development, Training, Online Shop Management, and Business Event Organization.


Pioneering innovation in the digital landscape, fostering the growth of creative and impactful ventures through strategic planning and execution.


To be a leading force in project incubation, creating a portfolio of successful startups that contribute positively to diverse industries.

Core Values

  • Innovation: Embrace and drive change in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Integrity: Uphold the highest ethical standards in all business practices.
  • Collaboration: Foster a culture of teamwork and shared success.
  • Quality: Deliver exceptional products and services.
  • CustomerCentric: Prioritize client satisfaction and success.

On Road Projects

Brico Boxes

Our curated project boxes with premium materials are designed to inspire creativity and empower individuals to explore their artistic potential.


You can rent furniture for as long as you need it, and return it when you’re ready for a change.

WiziV TV

A YouTube channel and shows aim to deliver knowledge in the most needed fields.


Podcast Channel

Mart Of Art

Platform to sell and buy all egyptian handcrafted products 



Smart Business Card using NFC technology

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